Le Platier d'Oye

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The Natural Reserve ofPlatier d'Oye was created in 1987. It is a staging area for many birds. The natural diversity is great, from the foreshore, on the sea side, to the wet meadows and ponds on the land side, passing by the white dunes, the gray dunes, the mudflats ... The dune, by the wind and the currents, is in perpetual evolution. If the sand accumulates, the coast wins on the sea but at the site of Ecardines, on stormy days, the dune is attacked, the sea threatens to cross the cordon. Stakes were sunk and mounts planted, this grass fixing the sand.

Point Info Tourisme

Throughout the summer, the CPETI welcomes you to the tourist information point located at the House in the Dune (1005 route des Dunes) in Oye-Plage. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 17h

The whole is fragile, in particular under the effect of the trampling which makes regress the vegetation and favors wind erosion.

Behind these white dunes, the flowering gray dune carpet is a beautiful show in the spring. Shrubs such as sea buckthorn, black elder, and wild privet make it the conquest and make it impenetrable while welcoming many passerines. It is then an herbaceous heath with ponds and mudflats, between fresh and salt water, the kingdom of birds. Here we find the remains of defenses built in 1942 by the Germans. See article on the Atlantic wall


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