The Hem and the water Mills
The Hem is still drawing river meanders before being channeled and losing its name to become The Meulestrom. Its old course merges with the waters of the channel to Calais in Hennuin. There was up to fifteen mills on its course, the most stunning are those of Recques-sur-Hem and Polincove.
The water mill of Recques-sur-Hem which dates from 1837 is still in business and  is also one of the last artisanal mills of Pas-de-Calais (there were more than 60 in 1960). Originally, this mill was used to "twist the oil."
This activity was then very important in the region where oil crops experienced strong growth (poppy - poppy variety, rapeseed, flax, camelina herb chamomile close -). The mill was then converted to a flour mill. The watermill in Polincove, now called "Le moulin bleu" is a fishing course .
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